Balayage Colour Specialists At Lisa Edwards Hairdressing Salons In Hampshire

The specialists at Lisa Edwards Hair Salons are up-to-date with the latest, creative & innovative balayage techniques in order to provide the best possible hair colour for our clients.

The popular balayage hair colouring technique available in our hair salons in Fareham and Petersfield allows for hair colour to be painted or swept onto the hair to give a tailored, bespoke look that complements your haircut & style perfectly.

From buttery blonde balayage to rich red-brown balayage highlights, we can find the perfect balayage hair colour for you. 

Please Note:  We are a Colour Responsible Salon and all new or returning clients will need a quick allergy patch test and consultation 48 hours before their colour appointment.   Please see our Allergy Patch Test Policy here.

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Balayage For Blondes

There is no doubt that blonde balayage looks absolutely sensational and is one of our most asked-for colour updates here at Lisa Edwards Hair Salons in Fareham and Petersfield.   With different variations on balayage, including root shadowing, root stretching & colour melts, we can help you find the perfect balayage for you. Clients looking for a subtle blonde balayage may want babylights, ombré or sombré colour which tend to give a less noticeable colour contrast.   Ombré, on the other hands, gives a more defined colour change with the hair usually growing lighter at the ends.

Balayage For Brunettes & Redheads

The good news is that balayage is not just for blondes!  This technique works well on any hair colours including brunettes and redheads.  Most people opt to have a darker root colour that blends seamlessly to a lighter shade towards the ends of the hair making balayage perfect if you’re looking for low maintenance colour. Your root regrowth will be less noticeable than with highlights created using the traditional foils method.  The colour technicians in our Fareham and Petersfield hair salons recommend regular toners or colour glossing touch-ups to freshen up your hair and keep your colour looking super shiny & vibrant between appointments.

Balayage Colour Corrections

‘How do you fix a home balayage hair colour that’s gone wrong?’  The answer is to visit our Hampshire hairdressers as soon as possible.  We have years of skill and experience so can work our magic to neutralise brassy tones and help blend harsh lines that are often a result of an incorrect home balayage colour.  

But it's not just balayage that can go wrong when you use a home box dye, we've seen clients visit us with hair colours that are completely unrecognisable to the shade on the side of the box.  If this happens to you, do not worry - we can help you!  Read more about the colour correction services at Lisa Edwards Hairdressers here.

Visit The Balayage Specialists At Lisa Edwards Salons In Fareham & Petersfield

So if you want good hairdressers in Fareham and Petersfield that offer the best balayage hair colours, it's time to visit Lisa Edwards Hairdressing Salons. Call our friendly team on the numbers below.  You can also find out more about balayage with our balayage FAQs here.