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Perming and Volumising at Lisa Edwards Hair Salon in Petersfield

Whether you are looking for a classic perm or would just like to add some soft curls, volume and movement to your hairstyle, book a consultation with the perming experts at  Lisa Edwards hair salon in Petersfield.  We use the very latest perming products and techniques to ensure your hair remains in excellent condition whilst we create beautiful long lasting curls. 

Perms have come a long way since the 1980s and tight frazzled curls are definitely a thing of the past!  Modern perms are currently trending,  as  people recognise that they can be the elusive secret to long lasting, healthy and beautiful curls! 

At Lisa Edwards we use innovative perming products from internationally renowned brands L'Oreal and Wella.    These technologically advanced formulas are designed to lock moisture into the hair and produce soft, smooth curls and waves.   Your hair will be unharmed by the perming process and will be left in fantastic condition.

For the perfect modern perm, please book a consultation, by calling your local Lisa Edwards hair salon in Petersfield on 01730 711222. 

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How Do Perms Work?

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Traditionally perms use chemicals to break down the bonds inside the hair.  It is then wrapped around curling rods while perming lotion is applied.  After this it will be rinsed and a neutraliser will be used to set the curls.

Modern perming techniques involve using far gentler products on the hair and new winding techniques to create softer looks.   At Lisa Edwards the advanced formula's we use are enriched with Ionene G and fruit-AHAs which penetrate into the core of the hair, maintaining hydration and delivering beautiful curls that are incredibly soft to touch and beautifully conditioned.

What Kinds of Curly Hairstyles Can You Create with a Perm?

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By using different winding techniques we can create a wide variety of different styles.   With modern perms our aim is to create a more natural look, so we tend not to use the tiny perm rollers seen in traditional perming, using much larger rollers instead, which allow us to create bigger curls and waves.

You might want curls throughout your hair, a lift at the roots, at wave towards the ends, or body at the sides of your hair.  Whatever curly hairstyle you desire, book a consultation and your Lisa Edwards stylist will be happy to discuss the options and the results that can be achieved with your hair.

How Long Does the Perming Process Take?

Loreal corkscrew perm hair salons Hampshire West SussexThis will depend on the length of your hair, but we recommend you allow up to 2 hours.  We will always start your appointment with a consultation to ensure we understand the look you would like to achieve and can place the curling rods and wind your hair accordingly.

How Long Does a Perm Last?

This will depend on the nature of the look we’ve created as well as the texture of your own hair, but perms can last up to six months. 

How Much Does a Perm Cost?

Cost will depend on the length of your hair and the look your trying to achieve.   Prices start from £88, but book a free consultation and we will give you a no-obligation quote.

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Book Your Perm at Lisa Edwards Hair Salon in Petersfield

To book a perming consultation, please call your local Lisa Edwards hair salon in Petersfield on 01730 711222.